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Cesa​re​Vicentini gave birth to a different bag, a distinctive sign for every woman. The design of the bag and mix of class and geometry. Its value is increased by the careful attention to quality. Craft production, and the use of refined materials such as the Saffiano leather 

​​​Francesca/ Bianca

Starting from the concept expressed by Richard Meier, according to which "architecture is the mother of all arts". The creations of the artist Cesare Vicentini are constructed by the meeting of the lines, which gave life to an original product with a simple elegant concept. From these architectural inspirations comes a versatile product full of details, suitable to meet the needs and expectations of every woman​.​​​


E​ntirely Handmade, each bag is naturally different from the other. Working's made by the  master craftsmen who enhance every detail.


Francesca Argilla. Handbag in saffiano leather worked and sewn by hand. Lined internationally with zip for objects and details in relief.

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