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Sweets & Treats

We’ve loved every minute of our journey


Viale Camisano, 15, 36100 Vicenza VI

+39 0444 303825

If you want a sweet silky smooth mouth watering treat, you must visit Vaniglia. They offer an array of wonderful flavors that you wouldn't believe. The perfect blend of fresh fruit  and other toppings are absolutely amazing! A perfect hang out spot for the summer time a family friendly atmosphere. The staff are very nice and polite, which is always a plus!

Elixir Paticcherea

Via F. Filzi, 38, 36051 Creazzo VI

+39 0444 522178

What can I say about this treasure chest of deliciousness! I will travel from the stars and moon just to have one of their amazing chocolate filled brioche's. I've tried to live without them but I cant and I don't want to! Haaa!  A must see so any desserts and treats for you to choose from. And the cappuccino  simply warms the heart. A great place to pick up treats for your special event or your personal stash of goodies!  

Delicious Dining

Every  Bite Counts!

Sushi One

Via Pola, 30

Torri di Quartesolo VI 36040

+39 334 849 8888

Can anyone say S-U-S-H-I ? listen I've definitely  had my share of seafood  throughout the years at some really nice places. But Sushi One for me is really great. The atmosphere is bright and open the red and black color scheme is exciting, ties in to the traditional theme. The rotating carousel is super cute adds a little 2020 to our lives. The staff members are efficient and attentive. There isn't a long wait to be served long wait to be served  which is wonderful. The menu choice is amazing, the fresh taste of the sushi is just so good. The savory flavors the artistic balance is awesome! So if you happen to be in the neighborhood please check it out. Lunch and dinner time both are great! ​

Hotel Ristorante Giada

 Via Nazionale, 8/10

Grumolo delle Abbadesse VI 36040

+39 0444580057

The name Giada in and of itself made me feel like I was going somewhere special, so I was already excited. Once you enter the restaurant you can feel the energy in the air. Wonderful set up, nice décor a really comfortable place to celebrate birthdays or just a great dining experience with family and friends. The aromas just dance their way towards you as you enter the restaurant.  If you love authentic Italian pasta or amazing seafood I would hurry to this place. The seafood pasta is creamy smooth buttery garlicy bliss! that's one way to describe it. The scallops are huge so tasty you will want more. Whatever your specialty maybe Giada's has a little something for everyone.

Amazing Flavors!

Buddha Restaurant

Corso Padova, 18, 36100 Vicenza VI

Tel. +39 049 -878-9308

Indian food has always been known for its flavorful dishes with wonderful spices and herbs. Awesome mixtures of curry rice and chicken, mouth watering lamb, and so many other amazing food. Our first visit on June 2,2018 was really nice. Our table for our reservation was already prepared for us. The waiter was very friendly suggesting certain items from the menu. The lemon rice and curry was simply amazing.  I ordered the Prawn Biryani, the basmati rice was cooked to perfection. The flavors of the shrimp were awesome just enough spice for that wonderful experience of Indian food. The Cheese Nan bread was warm and buttery so delightful a wonderful compliment to whatever dish that you order. So if you are ever in town please visit Buddha's 

Naan Cheese Bread

A wonderful buttery mouthwatering warm surprise . You have to try it pairs well with your food !

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Care to share one of your eating treasures in Italy please let us know!  There is always room for an exciting dish or two .  If there is a special place that you think that we  should dine at that is absolutely fantastic email us. We will do our  best to check it out and give you some feedback ! I believe that we live and learn by the experiences of other people  as well. So lets share our adventures! and together we will see.

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